Algeco…your first stop when you consider a quality short or long term modular office solution.

If you require a large open space office or smaller individual offices, we can accommodate you.

Our office buildings can be provided in endless layout options and give total flexibility in accommodating smaller or large workforce. They are available nationwide for any city or remote locations.

If you need a large open planned office, small individual offices or a mixture with the necessary sanitary, equipment and service facilities, we can assist you in meeting your needs.

Equipment & Services include:

  • Kitchen & Office furniture
  • Water storage equipment, delivery and waste management
  • Garbage (standard or toxic) storage equipment and waste management
  • Generators & lighting equipment for remote areas
  • Security services tailored for your needs
  • Cleaning of your space

We are here to offer you the complete solution, not only "the box".

Containers for Offices - Picture Gallery

Algeco Offices Sibiu
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Algeco Offices Bucharest
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Brasov Offices
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Bucharest Offices
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Orastie Offices
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Bucharest Offices
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