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Trade mark

For over 50 years, Algeco has put its know-how and expertise in the service of its customers. From the rental of modular buildings to the purchase of prefabricated buildings, Algeco develops exclusive solutions to meet the needs of temporary or permanent professionals in all sectors: modular offices, shelter, prefabricated buildings, storage containers. A quality of services and a wide range of products bearing our brand ALGECO that have allowed Algeco to shine internationally. Today, the group is present in 29 countries: Germany, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada, Russia. For your modular construction, you rely on a large group and a big brand: ALGECO.

We remind that the term ALGECO refers to a registered trademark and as such is protected. The use of the ALGECO trademark is therefore prohibited by any unauthorized third party. Also, it is forbidden to use our brand in a generic sense. Our company reserves all rights to take action against third parties that reproduce our brand in a manner or circumstances that could harm us.

In addition to being legally condemnable, this use in a generic and / or pejorative sense is also very reductive, because our company, a world leader in modular construction, today offers a very diversified offer of temporary and definitive solutions. in many areas (schools, cantonment, events, technical spaces and storage solutions), under its brand name ALGECO.

In order to avoid confusion and to eliminate any unfortunate association, we would like to emphasize that the ALGECO brand should only be used to designate our company's products, services and facilities with our authorization and in a context that corresponds to high quality standards. of our products and services.