Water and sewerage | ALGECO

Water and sewerage


Depending on your project, we make on request plumbing between the Algeco containers, as well as the de-icing installation - if they are used during the winter




We provide the emptying of the supplied tanks.



Tanks are used for events, sports activities, etc., as well as in places where there is no possibility of connection to the public sewerage system. Waste water is collected from sanitary ware and stored in collecting tanks which are then emptied.

These tanks are sized 6 x2.44x0.70 m and can collect up to 9 cm each. We supply collecting tanks for sanitary containers (showers, toilets) and kitchen containers



We provide water supply services for events, construction sites, as well as in locations where there is no possibility of connection to the public water supply system.

Water is unloaded into plastic tanks with different capacities, which are used for filling both sanitary containers and kitchen containers.



For water storage we provide plastic tanks of different capacities, useful for supplying sanitary containers, as well as kitchen containers. Hiring of water tanks with water pump requires hiring of a storage container.

Depending on the period of use, we can provide the full electrical installation for the proper functioning of these equipments